Watch how this 4.7-inch thick monolithic slab opens up into a comfortable movie theater seat

Designed originally for theaters and cinema halls, this Piet Mondrian-inspired chair is a marvel of design and engineering! Titled the Mono, it exists as a 4.7-inch thick monolithic slab when closed, but unravels into a plush cinema-style seat with armrests when you pull it open. A unique lever mechanism for the seat and armrests makes them rise synchronously by one movement, and its slim, collapsed shape provides extra space and allows more chairs to fit into a given area. The chair comes with a spring-loaded mechanism too, which means it goes back to its monolithic slab shape when you get up. The only thing missing? A place to rest your drinks and popcorn! Watch the chair in action in the video above!

The Mono Chair is a winner of the SIT Furniture Design Award for the year 2021.

Designer: Philip Kronqvist for Hamari Auditorium