This Meditation Chair will let you make space and have peace at the same time

Space Available Meditation Chair 2

Furniture items can now be considered as art pieces. The furniture design world has changed over the years, with many creatives and artists trying their luck to come up with masterpieces for the new century.

Space Available, a furniture and art studio based in Bali, Indonesia, has introduced the Meditation Chair. It is made from 100% recycled plastic waste, so you can say it’s a more environment-friendly choice. It’s a sustainable effort we believe can be and must be copied by more furniture makers.

Designer: Space Available

Space Available Meditation Chair

Many brands and companies have started to do their part in caring for the environment by making “greener” choices when it comes to materials and methods. Space Available is just one of those brands aiming to deliver long-term change for a better planet, one furniture piece at a time. The goal of Space Available is to start a circular future and inspire more sustainable living. The goal of this ecological studio is to deliver awareness and change through its designs. As a multidisciplinary creative platform, Space Available believes that ‘making space’ for oneself can help a person do the same for the world.

Space Available Meditation Chair 3

The Meditation Chair perfectly represents Space Available’s belief that one should allow himself to clear the mind and make space for his wellbeing. So obviously, the Meditation Chair is the perfect place for when you want to meditate or have a quiet time.

The Meditation Chair is supposed to offer you peace, but to the eyes, it can be a bit crazy because of the colors. But still, it’s fun and wild and is definitely a conversation starter. It has become a sculptural piece that shows off weaving craftsmanship.

Space Available Meditation Chair

The shape of the Meditation Chair starts with a rattan frame. It’s more like a low sofa with a unique shape made with 100% post-industrial recycled plastic. This chair was designed and made by master weaver and Balinese craftsman Nano Uhero. It even comes with a hand-stitched indigo-dyed cushion.

Don’t expect to find an exact copy if you are getting a chair because no two chairs are alike. Each comes unique with different hues, colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. You can refer to the repair and recycling plan at the end of the chair’s life cycle or if it is damaged.

Space Available Meditation Chair

The Meditation Chair can also be the perfect lounge chair. With the colors and texture, the chair can fit most rooms where you intend just to chill and relax. It’s now ready for purchase, but unfortunately, it’s sold out on the product page.

Space Available Meditation Chair