Tippi Chair is meant to tilt and tip at a comfortable angle

Tippi Chair Concept

The chair is a piece of furniture with one primary purpose: to be sat on. It will never lose its purpose, and it will remain a significant fixture not just around the house but almost everywhere.

Chair design throughout the years has continued to evolve. You will no longer just find a basic chair because plenty of creative people are trying to reinvent design. The aesthetics of the chair often reflects the style of a designer. It also showcases a person’s thought process.

Designer: Joshua Corder

Tippi Chair Release

For Joshua Corder, the Tippi Chair tells us a person’s tendency to play with a chair, so it tips over. Instead of coming up with an asymmetrical chair, he comes with something that has a sloped back and angled front. The Tippi Chair’s name is derived from the “tip” movement.

The chair with the height of a stool offers a tip function which is made easier with a 5-degree tip angle. The Tippi Chair doesn’t really have separate legs but the front and back support serve the same purpose. There is a small curved backrest that makes it easy for anyone to grab and carry the chair. The space underneath serves as storage for your bag or shoes.

Tippi Chair Product DEsign

Tippi Chair Form Function

The Tippi Chair reminds me of some cool and quirky bookshelves. It’s stylish and something that would look great in a college dorm or a young couple’s apartment. It may also be ideal on an entryway, allowing you to sit down and wear or take off shoes with more convenience.

Tippi Chair Design

It really is more of a stool with its height. It’s not something you can use as a dining chair or as an office chair. It’s the kind you will place in corners or use to hold small objects for easy reach. We’re assuming this can hold most weight so it can also work as a step-stool for when you want to reach the top of a shelf or cabinet.

Tippi Chair Features

Tippi Chair Details

A number of interesting chair designs are being introduced left and right. The Please Hold Up Chair showed us what you can do with polyurethane foam. The Meditation Chair is made of  100% recycled plastic waste. There’s also the Flip Flap Children’s Chair. Looking very similar to the Tippi Chair is the Rool or Rocking Stool. It’s more of a rocking chair that can rock from side to side. Every chair we’ve featured here is decorative so we can say they all offer beautiful form and function.

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Tippi Chair Purporse

Tippi Chair Images

Tippi Chair Images