Migo Chair made from a single board of wood, can be used in different ways

Pascal Hein Migo Chair Details

The Migo Chair is another perfect example of what Covid can do. No, this isn’t something the virus had infected but a fruit of those times when people were asked to stay at home. The designer has personal reflections during the pandemic’s early days, and the result is the Migo.

A chair is an essential piece of furniture. Admit it or not, you can’t get enough of getting aesthetically pleasing and well-design chairs. The latest to be added to your list of interesting chair designs is the Migo which works both as a chair and as a side table.

Designer: Pascal Hien

Pascal Hein Migo Chair 5

Pascal Hein Migo Chair Production

We can’t really say which is the front or back but you can use the chair in several ways. The material used is American red oak so you know it can be very durable. What makes this more interesting is that it can be cut from just a single plank of wood, giving off a consistent grain. A chair made from a single piece of material also offers less wastage.

The Migo Chair was made in BENCHMARK’s workshop and was showcased at The Design Museum in London. Designer Pascal Hien for an exhibition called Discovered by Wallpaper and American Hardwood Export Council. It was created based on one’s perspective and experiences during the lockdowns because of Covid.

Pascal Hein Migo Chair 3

BENCHMARK is a British furniture design-build company. It was founded by Terence Conran and Sean Sutcliffe and has been helping many designers bring their designs come to life. Craft and craftsmanship are highly valued by Benchmark. The Migo’s production process just proves that as every detail is meticulously checked. It also demonstrates sustainability and wellness and keeps the legacy of making.

Pascal Hein Migo Chair 4

You can sit on the Migo Chair in either direction. You can use the upper part as a desk. You can probably put your laptop there when you need to finish work or when you need to send a quick email. It offers support when you’re tired or leave it as an accent chair in the living room. Its shape is unique so it can also be a conversation starter.

Pascal Hein Migo Chair Design

We have been seeing a number of quirky and interesting chair designs recently. The Kelp Collection was made from recycled fishnets. The Tippi Chair was meant to tilt and tip at a comfortable angle. We think the Please Hold Up Chair will also hold up even if it’s light. Of course, we also love the Chair with Extended Arms for the elderly.

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