Kidzilla colorful chair can transform into a desk and an activity station

Don’t be fooled by the name as the Kidzilla isn’t something to be feared. The suffix usually means fearsome and having monster-like traits, but this concept furniture design doesn’t look anything scary.

At first glance, the Kidzilla looks like a colorful chair with its rainbow colors. The chair part is movable, so you can transform it into a desk or maybe a play station. Each movable part is shaped like a T with smooth and rounded edges.

Designer: Rashi Khemka

The material appears to be plastic to keep the weight down. There are eight of them in rainbow colors: violet, teal, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and pink. The unique legs are painted black, which contrasts the colors. The legs actually appear to be spray-painted with that smooth and shiny finish.

The design of Kidzilla is a solution to small living spaces. Kids can have their furniture pieces, but it would be practical if each one offered more function. In small spaces, it will be helpful if a furniture item doubles as something else. The most straightforward form we imagine is a chair that transforms into a step stool like the Flip-Flap Children’s Chair or this Kidzilla.

The Kidzilla offers multiple purposes, but it remains playful and fun for the children, especially with its colors. It is sturdy yet customizable and is baby-proof. It delivers innovation and brings people to conversations, for the furniture piece appears like a unique and functional sculpture.

The design of Kidzilla is somewhat intriguing as it is one of a kind. This piece doesn’t just serve as a chair, but it can also be a home decor. However, this one is not just a chair as it can also be a table or a play area for your kid. The rainbow colors make it more attractive, but we wish there were minimalist or neutral versions for the big kids.

Kids furniture is a special category of furniture that requires intelligent design, innovation, and quality. We have recently seen interesting pieces like the Toynia Toybox that works as a chair, desk, and toy storage in one. The Modular Climbing Wall System also adapts to children’s needs as they grow. Design-wise, this Kidzilla reminds us a bit of the Xylo Living Furniture System because of the use of lines and curves. The Kidzilla doesn’t seem to need assembly, but it could also be flat-packed.