This modular climbing wall system for kids is designed to adapt to your child’s growing needs!

Endeløs is a modular wall climbing system designed to evolve with your children’s growing needs and hobbies, transforming from a single ladder into a multi-unit storage system.

Kids will find a way to make a jungle gym out of any living room. Entertainment systems transform into boats and couch cushions turn into hopping rocks because the floor is lava. No matter the space, kids will turn it into their very own play place. Inspired by the endless imagination of their own kids, Norway-based KAOS, children and parent-focused goods and furniture brand, created a modular wall system for children to turn into their own climbing wall called Endeløs.

Composed of modular wooden ladders of varying lengths as well as supplementary canvas bookshelves and toy bags, Endeløs is a versatile piece of furniture that evolves with your children’s needs. Consolidated in a flat pack, Endeløs is built from ash wood coated with white pigmented oil, gold brass hardware, and white glass fiber brackets, to ensure easy setup with few materials required for assembly.

When your children are just old enough for climbing (+/- 2 years), Endeløs can mount as a single ladder to any one of your walls. Then, as your children grow, additional ladders can attach to preexisting ladders to enhance the climbing experience and challenge your kid’s physical movement for healthy play. Finally, the canvas bookshelves and toy bags can lock into any step on the ladder system to create a storage space either for your child or the whole family to use depending on the wall ladder’s location.

While traditional climbing walls age out once your kid matures past them, Endeløs is designed to grow alongside your kid’s evolving interests and hobbies. Once the climbing period reaches its final peak, Endeløs functions as another piece of furniture where the whole family can store keepsakes and hang photographs.

Designers: KAOS x Permafrost

Built from ash wood dipped in white pigmented oil, Endeløs uses gold brass hardware and white glass fiber brackets to hold the whole system together. 

Delivered as a flat-pack, Endeløs can be assembled easily from home. 

Bookshelves and modular desk spaces mature the climbing play system into a working storage space. 

Additional ladders can mount alongside each other to create a more dynamic climbing experience. 

As your child grows older, the ladder system can function as its own piece of furniture with an evolved function.