This coffee machine comes with biodegradable single-serve pods so you can ditch your Nespresso & Keurig

My first thought each morning is “coffee” and I always make mine at home instead of getting it at the office to do my part in reducing the waste single-serve pods create. While looking for an alternative that was just as convenient, I came across the Bruvi coffee machine and it comes with biodegradable pods! Nespresso and Keurig, we are in 2021 now so I hope you are taking notes.

Many of us who love coffee often struggle to find a balance between good flavor, convenience, and environmental impact – somehow you can only always pick two. The majority of people and offices use single-serve coffee pods because of the convenience factor but they are only escalating the waste problem by large numbers on a daily basis, this is where Bruvi steps in. Just like other coffee pod systems, it comes with a water reservoir and a pad to put your mug on. But what makes it different is the pod that goes into the coffee machine – ‘B-pods’ not only offers premium coffee brands but they are produced ethically and certified sustainable. They are 100% recyclable and are designed to degrade naturally without leaving any microplastics behind. The LED touch screen interface makes it easy to use and customize your drinks right to the level of acid and temperature. It also features sustainable bamboo on the handle, drip tray, and water tank cover.

The appliance also makes matcha lattes, teas, and infused drinks apart from all coffee-based beverages so there is something for everyone and no excuse for anyone to be creating more waste with single-serve pods. In fact, it is the first single-serve system to make quality cold brew (no, not the same as cold water and instant coffee or the coffee you leave in your refrigerator) which can also be more economical for those who have iced coffee all year round. Bruvi is a smart coffee maker and can be controlled remotely using their mobile app. This can reduce the heaps of disposable coffee pods that are clogging up landfills. The innovative brand has also eliminated adhesives and uses water-based inks for packaging. The premium B-pods meet the Golden Cup Standard of the Specialty Coffee Association so you are truly getting the best of flavor while being eco-conscious.

Designer: Bruvi

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