TOYNIA Toybox lets kids play independently and teach them how to organize

TOYNIA Toy Storage Box

Only parents of young kids will know the challenge of having an organized home. No, we’re not just talking about the need for an organized playroom but the whole house. Toys are everywhere, whether in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even the bathroom.

Young kids can be a reason for a disorganized home, but parents have no excuse because there are available solutions. Keeping a tidy home is essential, especially during these stressful days brought upon by the pandemic. The TOYNIA is an intelligent solution as it doesn’t only help organize toys, it also serves as a station for kids to play.

Designers: Yeonhong Kim, Joohyung Park, Seoyeoung Kim, and Minsu Kim


The TOYNIA TOYBOX is a toy storage box for children to play and organize with. Kids can learn how to manage their toys and trinkets on their own with this furniture item. It’s not too early for the children to develop the habit of organizing. But, as early as now, it’s the parents’ responsibility to teach them.

Of course, adults need to model the proper behavior, but we understand that when things are messy, parents tend to stash things away. With the TOYNIA, even you or the kid’s caretaker will be inspired to keep things organized. The Toynia toy organizer offers a unique experience for the kids to learn effective organizing habits. There are no set rules for organization as the kids can organize their stuff intuitively on the Toynia.TOYNIA Toy Storage Box Design Details

Product design for children appears easy, but it’s actually complicated because we don’t know how kids think these days. We just know kids need to feel satisfied and their physical and cognitive needs and abilities change. In many ways, children are like adults, but we need to deal with them differently. Make them feel happy, confident, and satisfied with their skills by letting them decide on how to keep their things and space.

You can model values and teach habits but not impose. With the Toynia, kids will also be inspired to tidy up their space because it appears to be a play station. Toynia can be for the kids to play games and create games. It is a safe space where they can explore and be on their own. Children’s imagination is expansive and can go wild, so kids’ product design must be able to adapt to their needs.

TOYNIA Toy Storage Concept

TOYNIA Toy Storage

This TOYNIA toy storage box for children includes a pull-out chair that also functions as storage. It features a handle that also works as a backrest. You can store it under the desk when not in use. The desk features a shelf on top where kids can put their toys. Children are free to play on the desk and put their toys and let their imagination work.

TOYNIA Toy Storage Box Design Sample

​​​​​​​TOYNIA lets the children tidy up without realizing it is part of play. It can be an interesting and exciting organizing experience because it doesn’t feel like a chore. Children are smart so we must not underestimate them. You will be surprised at how kids process organization, play, and learning, and this TOYNIA will show you how.

TOYNIA Toy Storage Concept Sketch

TOYNIA Toy Storage Box Design

TOYNIA Toy Storage Box Design Images