AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier Concept looks elegant with its retro aesthetic appeal

Concept AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier Design

The world will never get tired of seeing new speakers or amplifiers introduced. As the world gets older, technological progress is expected.

The latest concept design is the AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier, published by designers from Kiev, Ukraine. Max Mysechko and Artemiy Drobyazko of Qvarta Studio have worked on this  concept product design that makes an impression with its simple yet elegant look.

Designers: Max Mysechko and Artemiy Drobyazko (Qvarta Studio)

Concept AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier

AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier Product Design

The black and gold color combination of the Concept AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier makes for a beautiful and clean aesthetic. The two shades used on the product are contrasting, creating a pleasing effect on the eye. The amplifier system doesn’t really appear like any other audio systems we know, although at first glance, they look like ordinary black boxes with a hint of gold.

What makes the AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier interesting is the control box. It reminds us of old audio systems with a punch of retro-modern style. The designers seem to know what they are doing, especially with the combined creativity we have seen in their old projects.

AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier Design Concept

AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier Design

The designers aren’t strangers to us as we have seen their previous works already. Max Mysechko once showcased the Bamboo Food Steamer— a design he made with Artemiy Drobyazko of Qvarta. The two also worked on the UV Irradiator. The two also designed the Strixie Monitor for newborns and the Heatlie companion cup. The SeaVoice FRS-radio headset was showcased a few years ago and is followed by the Periscope Mask.

AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier Specs

AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier Speaker

The specs are not mentioned, but on the control box, we see control knobs for Volume, Treble, Bass, and A1/A2/A3, plus an AUX-IN port. On the rear, we see several ports for connection. A portion of the control box is transparent, so you can see the components inside. There’s some sort of light that we’re assuming illuminates whenever the amplifier is turned on.

The concept product appears to be one powerful audio system. It should be to complement the elegant design of the AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier. It’s ideal for the home and can fit most interiors with its retro aesthetic style.

AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier Speaker System

AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier Product Design

The AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier reminds us of the #001 TOKYO vacuum tube amplifier from Puddle Sound. The whole audio system comes with two speaker boxes and one control box. We believe Qvarta Studio will introduce more concept product designs, and we’re here to check them out for you. We value these designers from Ukraine, especially in this season.

AMPIEQ Sound Amplifier System