An electric bamboo food steamer to keep traditional cooking techniques alive and you healthy!

To maintain healthy habits during quarantine, I have taken to steaming my food, as it is one of the healthiest methods of cooking. But what is the advantage of using the Bamboo Food Steamer? First off, bamboo steamers have been a staple in Chinese cuisine for over 5,000 years. They consist of stackable layers with slatted bottoms, making it possible to cook multiple items simultaneously. The bamboo also absorbs excess steam, which keeps vegetables from becoming too soggy. As a bonus: the Bamboo Food Steamer promotes environmentally-friendly practices in addition to healthy eating because, unlike trees, bamboo stalks grow back after being cut and require minimal effort from their farmers.

The Bamboo Food Steamer takes these pros and adapts them into a modern cooking tool. Compared to traditional bamboo steamers, this product is cleaner, more portable, and easily accessible for consumers who are less familiar with Chinese culture and cooking techniques. The steamer seems very-user friendly, as it only has one control: a circular LED timer. Simply plug in the device, set your timer- no extra on/off switch needed. These small touches make the Bamboo Food Steamer the easiest purchase you could make in order to support healthy and environmentally-sustainable choices.

Designers: Max Mysechko and Artemiy Drobyazko from Qvarta