Unique diving mask comes with its own submarine-inspired periscope to see above obstacles

[The designers of this product are of Ukrainian origin. YD is sharing work from Ukrainian designers/students in the hopes of amplifying their talent and giving them a global platform.]

Designed to be at the intersection of adventure, sports, and rescue, the Periscope Mask is a well-detailed diving accessory that lets you easily navigate the waters. The Periscopic Mask is an upgrade from the wide variety of existing leisure full-face masks, although with a clever little feature. While most masks have the distinct snorkel pipe that emerges from the mask and ascends upwards, the Periscope Mask also builds a periscope into the snorkel, giving it a clever extra feature that lets people see above the surface of the water, or even above obstacles. The mask, designed by Ukraine-based Qvarta Studio, operates in three distinct modes – a snorkeling mode, a water-line adjacent mode, and a deep diving mode.

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Designer: Qvarta Studio

The Periscope Mask is a clever little device that’s designed to pretty much serve all sorts of sub-marine diving requirements. The full-face mask offers a clear view of your surroundings thanks to a panoramic visor, while also having that nifty periscope feature for augmented viewing. Additionally, the snorkel tube (which also functions as the periscope) allows you to mount a GoPro or any other action camera on it, letting you record what you see.

A valve at the base of the Periscope Mask (right in front of the mouth) lets you mount an air tank if you’re planning on staying submerged for longer periods of time. The process for attaching a fuel tank is easy and can even be done underwater, simply by screwing the valve cap off and plugging the air tank in. Subsequently, if you don’t need the air tank, the valve works as an exit for water that may enter the mask by accident. Exhaling hard allows the valve to open just enough to let out any water that may be trapped inside the mask.