This smart speaker introduces kids to tech without getting them addicted to screens

As controversial as this statement is, hear me out, and let me know what you sincerely think. Things that can have a detrimental effect on humans often come with a set of guidelines. Certain TV shows and movies have warnings for adult content, alcoholic establishments enforce a strict age rule for patrons, but there’s nothing stopping harmful addictive technology from getting into the hands of a two-year old. It’s incredibly simple for a child below the age of 13 to make a Facebook account (even though kids below 13 aren’t allowed to be on Facebook), and your smartphone or smart-speaker doesn’t explicitly stop kids from exploring the internet and getting hooked to tech that was built to be addictive.

While it’s much more difficult to hold big-tech accountable and actually have them build these parental controls into their devices, two young parents are setting the record straight by designing tech that’s made for kids. Founded by Andy and Julie Liddell, Ellodee doesn’t alienate kids from tech, but rather gives them a healthy introduction to it. Designed to be a smart-speaker without an addictive interactive display, or privacy-infringing hardware like cameras and microphones, the Ellodee is a smart speaker that allows kids to listen to music, stories, playlists, and even podcasts using a medium that’s designed to be child-friendly and non-addictive.

The Ellodee comes with a design that makes its features and functions instantly apparent, with an aesthetic that seems well in line with the smart-home tech already on the market today. Designed by Fred Bould, founder of Bould Design – the design studio which gave us the GoPro and the Nest Thermostat), the Ellodee looks incredibly contemporary, and features 6 colorful buttons and a rotary knob to access the speaker’s library. An Ellodee app for the smartphone (used by the parents) lets them select the audio libraries a kid can listen to, and once you set the library, it instantly gets stored offline on the Ellodee speaker, so a child doesn’t need the internet to use the speaker. Kids can navigate through content using the colored wheel of buttons, and alternating between options using the rotary wheel. A small circular screen helps display album art, and Ellodee’s library of 60 million songs, podcasts, and audiobooks ensures kids have an entire world of parent-approved educational and entertaining content to browse through… that too in an audio format which has proven to be incredibly effective at helping children grow smarter, without the side-effects of screen addiction.

The Ellodee smart-speaker is designed to be entirely operated by kids, but moderated by parents. The fact that it doesn’t itself allow children to connect to the internet means parents can rest assured knowing that their kids are within a safe-space, and Ellodee’s ability to download selected libraries onto the device means kids can use the speaker anywhere without needing an internet connection or a hotspot. The Ellodee’s design, as contemporary as it is, considers children as its prime audience, with a rugged body that can take being accidentally dropped, and a handle that allows kids to carry it around wherever they go. Moreover, the Ellodee deliberately comes without any cameras or microphones too, allowing kids to interact with tech, while ensuring their data is never mined or privacy infringed!

Designers: Fred Bould & Ellodee

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The Ellodee Sound Companion

Designed by Fred Bould, the award-winning designer of the Nest Thermostat, the Ellodee is a screen-free audio platform that gives kids of all ages a fun way to independently explore millions of songs, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Designed to be used by kids as young as one and enjoyed by kids into their tweens and beyond. The Ellodee hand-curates the best music and stories from their library of 60 million songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. The Sound Companion gives families a fun way for kids to independently listen and play their favorites again and again.

There are no screens, no cameras, no microphones, and no unpredictable algorithms, so you can trust that your kids are safe. Offline listening lets kids take their music and stories on the go, wherever they may roam. The Sound Companion works everywhere, every time.

Worried About Your Child’s Screen Time?

Parents everywhere are worried their kids are spending too much time on screens, and it’s hard to set limits. Experts are urging parents to help their kids unplug whenever possible. They recommend podcasts and audiobooks as healthier alternatives to screen time. But today audio lives on screens, which makes it hard for kids to listen when and where they want without supervision.

Ellodee Changes the Game

Ellodee empowers kids to enjoy music and stories independently in a way that parents can feel great about.

Ellodee is Expert Approved

Ellodee is working with experts to make healthy tech for kids. Dr. Libby Doggett, Ph.D., served as the former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Early Learning at the U.S. Department of Education, where she authored the influential “Guiding Principles for Use of Technology with Early Learners.”

The Ellodee Journey

Here’s How it Works

Kids listen to their favorite music and stories using the interface called the Wheel. The Wheel is made up of 6 colorful buttons that link to an album, playlist, podcast, or audiobook, or even a single song.

A simple display helps kids of all ages find their favorite music and stories.

Kids love the knob! Push it to power on, turn it control volume, hold it down to manage settings.

For even more choices, select a new Wheel. Each Sound Companion holds 4 Wheels, giving kids just the right amount to explore. Music and stories are stored locally on the Sound Companion. Once it’s set up, there’s no phone or Wi-Fi required to listen. Kids can listen anytime, anywhere.

Browse, Tap, Listen – Tap a button to view its content. The central display shows cover art and track information. To make a selection, simply press the button again. Now your kids can easily browse hours of audio and find exactly what they want to hear.

Enjoy 3 Ways to Listen:

– Browse the curated collections that are updated every month.
– Have Ellodee deliver music and stories.
– Choose your own music and stories.

The Ellodee membership unlocks their library of hand-curated Wheels and more than 60 million ad-free songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. That’s as big as any of the other major streaming services.

Upload Wheels in a Snap – Loading the Sound Companion is easy. Using the Ellodee app, load the Sound Companion with music and stories for your kids to enjoy. Change content with a single swipe. Once your selections are uploaded, they’re available for your kids to enjoy whenever they want–no phone or WiFi needed.

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $297 (33% off). Hurry, only 6/67 left!