Unbreakable Unshakeable Sunglasses from the Future


Technology invents GPS and Bluetooth enabled trackers to prevent things from getting lost. Design develops more ingenious ways of making sure items never get lost in the first place. The MagLock Sunglasses are sunglasses like you’ve never seen before. Built with two powerful permanent Neodymium magnets in the left and right temples, these shades can be snapped to your clothing securely enough to even sit on a roller-coaster without having them flying off at the slightest instance.

Designed by Nate Justiss after he lost a pair of rather expensive glares at a football game, the MagLock sunglasses were developed as a classic “necessity is the mother of invention” case-study. He says he still hasn’t lost the first prototype he developed, even six years later!

The MagLock are an entirely new set of shades designed from scratch not just to be stubbornly attached to you, but also to endure the elements, therefore lasting much longer than a conventional set of frames. They’re made from a flexible polymer with shape memory, so in the event that you happen to sit on them (I don’t know why but this happens to me a lot), they’ll never snap, but rather just flex momentarily, only to return to their original shape. The frames even come with this rubberized matte finish that helps them stay on your face. Just like the frames, the lenses too are designed to withstand rough use, with an anti-scratch coating alongside an anti-reflective coating and UV protection coating.

Pretty much eliminating the need to wear those geeky eye-wear catching straps, or carry bulky spectacle cases, the MagLock’s magnet-embedded design allow them to efficiently snap to your clothing (be careful if you wear a pace-maker though), your light-switch/keychain-rack or your fridge at home, or even your car’s rear-view mirror while you’re driving. The magnets lock with a secure snapping sound, and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. My only complaint? My prescription glasses don’t have this feature!

Designer: Nate Justiss of Distil Union

BUY NOW: $49.00 $78.00






MagLock™ Frames secure to your shirt or magnetic surface – no more off-the-shirt falls. No need to wear headstraps.


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BUY NOW: $49.00 $78.00