This Portable UV-C Lamp can Sterilize an Entire Room with the Push of a Button

With the whole world in a public health emergency, there is a significant need for heavy-duty sanitation devices. As public spaces reopen, disinfecting surfaces thoroughly and often is very important. However, there’s only so much an employee can do. The UV Irradiator streamlines the process of sterilizing an entire room, relieving some work-stress for the managers, and keeping patrons safe.

UV-C radiation is an effective disinfectant against bacteria and viruses, often used in hospital rooms and on surgical tools. Recent studies also indicate that UV-C is effective against the SARS-Coronavirus. The UV Irradiator takes the existing technology and adapts it into a portable, automated sterilizer. It consists of six UV lamps which distribute UV-C rays across a 360-degree radius. Its slender structure takes up minimal space and allows for easy maneuvering between rooms and tight hallways. The two handles on the device allow users to move the UV Irradiator without physically touching the lamps themselves. It also has a retractable plug that stores the wire chord neatly in the base, saving users the trouble of wrapping a cable securely around the machine.

In addition to being highly portable, the UV Irradiator looks very user-friendly, with a straight-forward four-button set-up. The start-button has an automatic 30-second delay, giving users time to leave the room before being exposed to the radiation. The device also comes with all-around motion sensors, as an extra safety measure in case someone enters the room during the decontamination process. Because the UV Irradiator is so easy to use, it could significantly decrease the risk of viral spread in public places.

Designers: Max Mysechko and Artemiy Drobyazko