Kirei Acoustic Ceiling Baffle system offers a softer look and sound to any room

Kirei Air Baffle Specs

Not many people may not be aware of echo panels, but these stuff are becoming more important than ever. The acoustics of a room are now considered an essential part of the interior or structure of an establishment.

The line of acoustic products is expanding and is going beyond individual speakers and speaker sets. Companies like Kirei have been working on acoustic products. The latest from the brand is something inspired by the Nike Air Max–the Kirei Air Baffle.

Designer: Michael DiTullo

Kirei Air Baffle

The Kirei Air Baffle is an over-the-head acoustic panel that can improve the sound in spaces with high ceilings. What makes this more special, apart from the idea it offers better sound, is that it is sustainable. Even in acoustics, sustainability is also possible. It’s only a matter of finding suitable materials that are mindful of the environment.

Kire’s Air Baffle Product Collection includes different models: No Window, Short Window, and Long Window. Each type features EchoPanel recycled PET ( at least 60%). Every unit is filled with Nike Grind fluff enclosed with either a long or short window or nothing at all. The EchoPanel, which serves as the outer hull, is 12mm thick.

Kirei Air Baffle Echo Panel

Kirei Air Baffle Nike

Expect the Kirei Air Baffle to improve acoustic performance in a room. The system is more than just decorative, as every panel has acoustic purposes. The Baffle comes in different sizes: 40-inches, 48”, 72”, and 96”. Each one varies in dimensions and weight and is made to order.

If you’re planning on using the Kirei Air Baffle, you will have to order ahead. Lead time is from four to eight weeks depending on the number of Baffles you purchase. You can choose from the 33 colors of Kirei EchoPanels to match the room you are working on. They are ready to install using mounting hardware and suspension cables. There is no need to assemble because the products are shipped ready for direct installation out of the box.

Kirei Air Baffle Nike

Kirei offers these architectural design elements to improve any room’s functionality, look, and acoustics. The Kirei Acoustic Ceiling Baffle system can make any space appear softer and have a softer sound. The curved baffles with Nike Grind fluff offer dependable acoustic performance. Even if some people don’t notice the acoustic, they may remember the ceiling design.

Kirei Air Baffle Features

Kirei isn’t the only brand we know working on acoustic panels. In recent months, we have learned about the Foresta System modular acoustic panel and the Ikea-inspired Tempo modular wall and ceiling baffle system. Then, of course, there are also the FP7 acoustic panels meant to absorb soundwaves without blocking out background noise.

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