Lumi Portable Air Purifier Concept removes airborne particles and pathogens

Lumi Portable Air Purifier Concept Design

The benefits of air purifiers are aplenty, and we believe such devices can now be considered a must-have in every home, office, or establishment. The pandemic has made air purifiers an essential tool to help clean the air we breathe in.

Even without the threat of Covid-19, air purifiers are essential because they reduce viruses and contaminants usually present in the air. They used to be more prevalent in cities where air pollution is a chronic problem. Today, we see variations of air purifiers in different forms, shapes, colors, and sizes. We spotted the Lumi, and we think it has the potential to sell if when it becomes an actual product.

Designer: Anshuman Pandey

Lumi Portable Air Purifier Necklace

Lumi is a Portable Air Purifier Concept that can be worn around the neck. The necklace-type air purification unit offers pure and sterile air to the wearer. Its distance to the user’s face is just right to keep any pollutants and airborne pathogens away from the person. This wearable air purifier is ideal for those with existing respiratory conditions.

You can easily attach and wear the portable air purifier. Simply clip the small device to your shirt or wear it as a necklace. You can also clamp it onto your backpack. It can be worn by anybody who is going out of the house. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lumi Portable Air Purifier Features

Concept Lumi Portable Air Purifier

The Lumi purifies the air around you to have peace of mind. Of course, it’s no guarantee that you will not get covid (if that is your worry), but you can at least not constantly thinking about breathing in other germs and bacteria. Such an air purifier can help reduce those pathogens up in the air.

Concept Lumi Portable Air Purifier Design

Concept Lumi Portable Air Purifier Colors

The Lumi Portable Air Purifier Concept is rectangular shaped but is rounded on one side. It fits right in your hand and can be clipped onto a pocket if you don’t want it hanging like a necklace. The size may be a bit larger than most air purifiers we’ve seen, but we’re assuming it’s because it can cover more area to purify.

The top portion shows two openings assuming where clean and purifier air comes out. We’re not sure how and where the dirty air is sucked in, but there’s a recessed portion on one side of the Lumi. We’re guessing that there are four LEDs on one side to tell us the battery status.

Concept Lumi Portable Air Purifier DetailsThe Lumi Portable Air Purifier is rendered in different colors: White, Black, Purple, and Blue. The power button is on the left, while the recessed part is on the right. There is a clip at the back which reminds us of the first generation iPod Mini from 2004.

Lumi Portable Air Purifier Concept Details

Lumi Portable Air Purifier Concept Features

Lumi Portable Air Purifier Concept Design

Lumi Portable Air Purifier Production

Concept Lumi Portable Air Purifier Specs

Concept Lumi Portable Air Purifier Demo