Eleven is a concept sphere that aims to give the full immersive VR experience

A few years ago, when virtual reality and augmented reality started becoming a, well, reality for a lot of gadget users, we thought that the life we saw in sci-fi movies and TV series will finally be upon us. Well years later and while there have been some advances made, it’s still something that’s not as pervasive in our everyday lives. VR devices haven’t caught on like fire as expected and it’s still a luxury for a lot of people. Still, we’re seeing some interesting developments, at least when it comes to product concepts.

Designer: Tai Geng

There’s this interesting concept for a virtual reality sphere that can give users full immersion, something that improves on the usual head-mounted devices. These HMDs are still the most common VR gadgets right now but are considered just a temporary step in the evolution of the technology. The product concept is called Eleven and is a sphere that seems suspended above an electromagnetic base and aims to bring a fully immersive VR experience whether through a movie, a game, or a teaching tool.

Inside the sphere is a seat with smart foam contouring so the person using it will feel comfortable and safe inside. You will not need things like seatbelts or harnesses even though the sphere is able to move in different directions. It is able to simulate the movements that are happening in the media you’re viewing whether it’s side to side, forward and backward or even upward and downward. If the sphere does have zero latency, you will experience instantaneous movements from your game or movie or video.

It seems to be floating above the base as it is designed to have three triangulating electromagnets to orient it when it’s not moving. They covered all these mechanisms with aluminum materials that are fastened into the hollowed base. The sphere rotation depends on the movement that is happening within the video and is translated through the repulsion and attraction from the magnets used in the sphere.

This is by no means a small sphere as with the base it stands at 6 feet. It will be interesting to be inside one and experience the immersive VR experience that it promises. However, if you have motion sickness, this might not be such a good idea of course.