Innovative expandable smartphone grip/stand offers a streamlined alternative to the plastic Pop Socket

A better design, driven by better materials.

While I’m a bit of a smartphone purist myself (I don’t have any accessories on my phone apart from a clear case), I can understand the need for some people to attach a ring or a socket on the back of their phone. Smartphones are massive, perfectly rectangular, and deadly smooth, which makes them exceptionally easy to drop by accident. The ring/socket on the back helps overcome that problem by giving people something to hold onto. In fact, it doubles up as a stand for your phone too, hitting two birds with one stone. The only caveat is, those rings and sockets are ridiculously thick, adding unnecessary mass to your sleek smartphone. Not to mention the fact that they snag on your pockets, and they prevent your phone from being able to lie flat on any surface. The Tango Grip & Stand wants to change that.

Designer: Lukas Scheurer

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Ditching the plastic construction entirely, the patent-pending Tango relies on a thin stamped metal enclosure, and an underlying conical steel helix to do the job a Pop Socket would otherwise do. It measures a somewhat astonishing 2.9mm thickness when closed, adding hardly any bulk to the back of your phone, but instantly transforming into a stand or a grip just when you need it. The way the enclosure is designed makes it easy to deploy the stand or grip with just a simple touch (unlike the Pop Socket that needs to be pulled outwards with your other hand).

With one hand simply flip, slip and grip your phone for instant comfort and security.

An inner spring-steel quad-helix automatically pushes the steel disc outwards, which can be oriented in both landscape and portrait formats, giving you a stand that works in more ways than one. To shut the stand, all you have to do is push it back inwards, and it collapses onto its baseplate once again, sitting flush against the surface of your phone or phone case.

The Tango Grip & Stand works universally with all smartphones and cases (even the flexible silicone ones). An industrial-grade adhesive pad lets you fix your Tango to the back of your phone or case, and the grip itself can be customized with etched designs and patterns. While the Tango itself doesn’t allow you to wirelessly charge through it, mounting it at the bottom or the corner of your phone/case (away from the phone’s charging coil) lets you essentially get the best of both worlds. The Tango Grip & Stand ships for $24, with deliveries in September 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $24 $29 (17% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours to go!