Snail Cooking Is A Faster Process That You Think!

One of the Electrolux Design 2010 Finalists is the “Snail”, a micro induction heating system that relies on a high density sugar crystal battery for energy. It uses the power to heat up coils to conduct the magnetic induction process and heat the food in the utensil. It features in-built sensors that detect what you’re heating and adjust the settings for food type, time and temperature accordingly. What I like is that it can be stuck to any sized pot, pan or mug and moreover you can use 2 or more Snails at once, depending upon your meal and utensil-size.

This cute, portable heating and cooking device sports a touch sensitive display with a simple interface to keep a tab on your cooking.

The theme of the completion being cooking in the future, The Snail captures this essence for the simple reason that it is compact and practical. If its reheating that you are aiming for, its form is a fraction of the microwave; making it a better choice.

Designer: Peter Alwin