Solo Laundromat

The SOLO is a unified laundry system for single folks. Besides being compact and wall mounted, the system cleans, irons, de-stains and refreshes clothes using modern technologies. For a better part it works on the water-less washing system by employing UV lights etc. I love it for its futuristic clean sweep style and ‘shirt-shower’ function!

Designer: Chanhee Han


  • Quintin Smits says:

    That will need to be really properly attached to the wall. Otherwise, if the laundry in that machine isn’t properly balanced it would vibrate itself off the wall, I wouldn’t want to have to clean up and fix that mess…

  • Brian says:

    No “fold” button I notice, and it’d be rather difficult to wash one’s bedding in such a small machine.

  • Esther says:

    Where can this be bought?

  • A H Cornish says:

    Where can you get these and what price

  • Gabriel Lopez says:

    water drops where they go? the floor? I think they did not think much of that aspect…

  • Dracoholic says:

    Cool idea but how do you get rid of stains that are in the front of your shirt or something like that.

  • Badz says:

    Love it!
    Is is already in production? If so, where can we get it form?

  • Antonio says:

    Nice design, but where i can bought one for me?

  • LEE says:

    What is the price and where can get it..

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