This at-home sanitation device disinfects your dishes using ultraviolet rays

The Desktop Disinfection Cupboard is a minimalist at-home sanitation micro solution for disinfecting kitchen dishware and utensils.

Sanitizing our household items has become a top priority since the pandemic sent us deeper into our home spaces. Sometimes it feels like our shelves can never be stocked enough with Lysol wipes and disinfectants. On top of that, the past few years have not been short on new sanitation devices to soothe any lingering anxieties.

Designer: Wenhua Xu (许文华 ) & Top Design (托迪 设计)

Ushering in a new wave of household cleaning routines, designers have created their at-home solutions to make them feel a bit more manageable. Designed to clean dishware, a new desktop disinfection cupboard from industrial designer Wenhua Xu scales down the at-home sanitation device to fit on a kitchen countertop or utility shelf.

Wenhua Xu’s desktop disinfection cupboard appears to be about the same size as a toaster oven, equipped with enough space to store some plates, a couple of bowls, and an accessory dish. The device maintains an inviting look with rounded corners and a convex glass covering. The slight incline of the control panel also enhances the device’s usability, allowing users to access the device’s control buttons without having to bend down or look for the panel.

The control panel reveals the device’s array of features, which include hot drying and ultraviolet disinfection functions. Outfitted with 6 UVC dual-modules, the desktop disinfection cupboard is small but mighty. “Not only is it equipped with a powerful hot air drying function and ultraviolet disinfection function,” Wenhua explains, but the desktop device is also “easy to operate” thanks to its inclined control panel and all-around disinfection capacities.

The device is also made from stainless steel to be able to refract ultraviolet rays to all corners of the internal space. Wenhua also goes on to describe the device’s minimalist appeal, “the appearance is simple and can be well integrated into various furniture environments.”

The device’s control panel is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. 

A concealed drawer is integrated into the device’s side for users to access at any time.

The convex glass covering retracts behind the dishrack to provide full access to the dishes and utensils.