How Simple the Rack

Not that rack. This rack. It’s the “Line.” Designed by Pavel Sidorenko and made to be tied. Made for you modern-headed life-bringers from the city or the small smart towns popping up all over the outside of the big ones. Yes you! I know you’ve got antique stores in your town, but you’ve got to have some of this new loveliness, I know you! If you’d have been born a few years later you’d have been hipsters! As it stands, you’ve just got really good taste. Look at this rack.

This rack is for you. It’s 150mm tall, and one of three lengths: 1450mm, 850mm, or 350mm. Hows that. Anything you want there! To hang you’ve got only to lift your object behind the rack and let it fit between slits, or use one of the addition options. First you can use pegs that come with it, plugging them in the holes there. Second you can use the “Line” set of objects which, incidentally, I wrote about just the other day. Have a peek!

Any way you hang it, your elders are going to have a heck of a time adapting, and your youngsters will figure it out in a moment.

Designer: Pavel Sidorenko of Adensen Furniture

Line wall mounted coat rack by Pavel Sidorenko of Adsen Furniture