Air purifier and humidifier concept makes sure you’re breathing in good air in your room

Every day, I probably spend 95% of my time indoors, either in my own home or at the office. If I lived in a place where it was not so hot/humid most of the time and where there’s actually a place for me to walk around, I would go outdoors every few hours just to breathe in fresh air. But since I have no choice but to be inside most of the time, devices like air purifiers and humidifiers are a must-have. This product concept seems to be an interesting one that I would actually purchase if the price is right.

Designer: Li Xundi

The P&H Air Manager is a concept for an air purifier and humidifier in one that has a water system to help do its job. And in case you want to use just the humidifier part, it can be detached and used separately. Using it and controlling the device doesn’t seem to be too complicated as you only have four buttons that you need to use and understand: the power button, the speed controls, the button for the humidifier function, and a sleep button in case you need it to automatically turn off after a certain time.

The device has a colored fabric cover so you can choose which one will best match your room motif or which is your favorite color. There’s a screen underneath this fabric that will display the room air quality so you can start purifying or humidifying. It will also remind you when you need to replace the filter or else it won’t be able to do its primary function of keeping the air in your room clean. The “air inlets” are located in that gap around the sides of the fabric cover.

The purifier part has a water bucket but this time around, it’s easier to fill out as you don’t need to remove it, unlike with most existing purifiers now. You can bring over a bottle of water to fill it up. There are LED lights that will show you the level of water inside so you won’t overwater it or you know if you need to add more. Design-wise, the device looks more like a smart speaker rather than an air purifier and humidifier, which can be a good thing for those that want their devices and appliances to match their decoration.

An air purifier and humidifier is a must-have for someone with a “lifestyle” like me (and when i say lifestyle, I mean I’m always inside) so this is a pretty good concept product that I might want to get if it gets to the production stage.