Technics launches a 50th-anniversary edition of their legendary SL-1200 turntable

Technics launches a 50th-anniversary edition of their iconic SL-1200 turntable, available in seven colors.

Known around the world as the best turntable you can get for under a grand, the Technics SL-1200 is a series of direct-drive turntables. While many professional DJs consider the Technics SL-1200 to be their go-to turntable, the technical build of this line of turntables appeals to audiophiles too, who only use the turntable for at-home listening. The series of turntables offer exceptional sound quality as a result of precise motors and absorbent isolation, today Technics releases its 50th-anniversary model.

Designer: Technics

Operating the whole show, the SL-1200 turntable’s main feature is its direct-drive motor, which offers dynamic accuracy when playing records. Since its introduction in the 1970s, the sound quality and accuracy have “further evolved with the SL-1200/1210MK7, and achieved even higher sound quality as the Coreless Direct Drive Motor.” The tonearm is also specific to Technics equipment, the SL-1200 features an S-shaped tonearm, which is unique to Technics audio gear. Moving in its own distinct arc, the S-shaped tonearm reproduces music with high fidelity tracking performance without stylus skipping.

In addition to the SL-1200 turntable’s unique tonearm and direct-drive motor, each insulator foot on the 50th-anniversary edition consists of an internal spring and rubber cushion material to shut out any reverberating vibrations. Integrated pitch controls also help set the Technics SL-1200 apart from other turntables. As the designers note, “Pitch control on the SL-1200 was originally utilized for the precise adjustment of rotation speed. Club DJs began using this function to match the pitch between two tracks to achieve a smooth transition. This technique led to the explosive popularity of the SL-1200 worldwide.”

While the designers at Technics haven’t changed the new model too much when compared to the first model, there was never a need–the SL-1200 has always been about the “pursuit for pure audio performance.” Technics goes on to explain, “The vibration-absorbing cabinet and insulators suppress undesirable noise, while the gimbal suspension tonearm provides high tracking performance for high-fidelity sound reproduction.”