A Rant on Wireless Vacuums


Did I miss the memo stating that all cordless vacuum cleaners must now look as though they’ve just stepped off a gay pride parade float?! They’ve literally come out of the appliance closet, rainbowing in full force! (No offense to my LGBT friends.) It seems like everyone from Dyson to Black+Decker is spitting out new models that only get more flashy than the ones before. For those of us who care about how things look, even if they rest behind closed doors, there’s CANE.

It’s a modern, minimalist approach to the cordless vacuum cleaner designed for the discerning user. No obtrusive hues, no superfluous shapes that mimic flexed muscles, just the bare essentials presented in a demure design with pure sucking power. Don’t worry, the less-is-more approach doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing features… like the U-shaped handle that provides a simple fix to reaching remote areas or convenient organization stand for keeping specialized pieces together. So, unless you’re planning on taking your vacuum as a date to Mardis Gras in New Orleans, consider a CANE!

Designers: Hyunsoo Choi, Junho Shin, & Joongho Choi