Any Encoded Message

Brilliant! I like to think I don’t toss that word around that often, and here’s a place it belongs for the real. This is a set of glasses. Not just any glasses. Psychic glasses. When you pour your favorite sort of drink into the cup – poof! There you have it. The title of the liquid you have now contained. It’s called the “Cipher.” Pour Pepsi into it.

It’s imperative that I own a set of these glasses at some point in my life. Even thought I don’t drink two out of the strangely not-random set of liquids this glass can reveal: orange juice, milk, Nescafe or coke.

It should be pretty obvious how these glasses work due to the photos, but if you’re still in the dark: different size and shape squares are placed all over the glass in a very not-accidental grid. When a liquid that matches one of the pre-determined acceptable liquids, the squares color, transparency, and color of the liquid combine to create a negative space which shows the title corresponding with the liquid.

A fantasy!

Designer: Damjan Stanković


Cipher Drinking Glass by Damjan Stanković