MAG.T MagSafe Phone Case works as a phone stand, protective case, and more

MAG.T MagSafe Phone Case Price

There are plenty of MagSafe accessories almost everywhere globally, and we know more will be released. The influx will only end until Apple decides to discontinue the MagSafe system. And no, we don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

MAG.T MagSafe Phone Case is the latest accessory design for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12. It delivers a new charging experience that others can say is better in many ways. Not all iPhone models support MagSafe wireless charge technology— only the latest iPhones can. It seems more third-party manufacturers are coming up with new accessories for the MagSafe system. We can expect more related announcements of actual products and even concept designs will be made.

Designers: SX Zhang and Neo Bie for Stylepie Innovation Tech

MAG.T MagSafe Phone Case Designer

Shenzhen-based designers SX Zhang and Neo Bie of STYLEPIE Design presented the MAG.T MagSafe Phone Case. It is a smartphone case and iPhone stand at the same. We have seen the idea being implemented many times, but this one is MagSafe compatible and appears to be not bulky.

The MagSafe Phone Case is ideal for different modes of use: Ring Mode, Stand Mode, Play Mode, and Handle Mode. When talking to someone on the phone, you can hold it more securely with the part that lets you hook your finger. The Stand Mode is ideal for watching your favorite TV shows, movies, or YouTube videos. Play Mode is for when you’re spending time on your favorite mobile game while Handle Mode is for regular use when you just want to scroll through your social media apps or favorite websites.

MAG.T MagSafe Phone Case Phone Stand

As per the designer, there is no case in the market yet that acts as a phone case and phone stand in one that is compatible with MagSafe. This means you don’t have to remove the case just so you can charge the phone. The part that serves as a leg or hook doesn’t get in the way, so you can still charge the device even when in use. The leg folds flat when not in use and doesn’t add to the thickness of the phone case.

MAG.T MagSafe Phone Case Design

The MagSafe Phone Case is from the same designer who introduced the iMac G4-inspired MagSafe Charger. We like the simplicity of the design of this new phone case. It doesn’t make the iPhone 12/iPhone 13 look bulky, but we’re assuming it’s durable enough to protect the phone from drops from an acceptable height.

There is no need to buy a separate phone stand with this MAG.T MagSafe Phone Case. Just pull out the leg and you’re good to continue with what you need to do on your iPhone. Viewing can be steady while holding the phone can be more secure than ever. There is no reason now why your iPhone can’t be adequately protected as there are now new choices for a reliable phone case and phone stand that allows a more effortless charging experience–like the MAG.T MagSafe Phone Case.

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