Bulova Computron D-CAVE watch mashes gaming and NFT in a classic LED timepiece

Digital watches might be sundry and common these days, but they were quite revolutionary back in the 70s, especially during the LED craze. Although it definitely eschewed conventional digital watch designs, Bulova’s Computron was so beautifully quirky in its mix of luxury and technology that it became an icon of its time. We are at the cusp of another major shift in technologies and product designs, and Bulova wants to again be at the forefront of this “phygital” revolution with a special version of the Computron, now with a hand inside the Metaverse jar.

Designer: Bulova

The original Computron itself, as well as its more recent “Re-Edition,” is already a thing of beauty. Designed with an unconventional trapezoidal body, the watch’s unique shape allows wearers to see the time without having to twist their wrists. That is why it has earned the nickname “drivers’ watch” and has since then been unparalleled in that design.

Bulova is now bringing the Computron back with a twist that tries to appeal to a very different crowd. Inspired by gaming aesthetics, the Computron D-CAVE edition watch sports a black stainless steel case with black silicone straps and luminous green highlights that match the watch’s green LED time display. It’s a design that would call to mind gaming brands like Razer and Alienware, which is probably what Bulova and D-CAVE were aiming for.

More interesting, however, is the special edition of the watch that has a mineral crystal case top serving as a window into the watch’s internals. This special edition also comes with an NFT drop that will let buyers wear a digital version of the watch in the Decentraland Metaverse platform. This special edition is still marked as coming soon, but you can already buy the regular “Iconic Edition” for $450 or cryptocurrencies just to complete the circle.

Curiously, Bulova sees the Computron D-CAVE as an entry into a new way of living, putting down its stake in the Metaverse. It positions its first-ever “phygital” product as a representation of how the physical world will integrate with digital life. Bulova naturally also sees the Metaverse as an opportunity to express love for certain brands in the digital realm, like a certain watchmaker’s iconic classic timepiece turned gamer’s lifestyle product.