DJ Needs A Phone Too

Are you one of those musically inclined people who love to jam at the drop of a hat? Designer Jose Tomas DeLuna thinks that there is a market for the creative music junkies who like to mix their music on the go. As a result he has conceptualized KRE8, which is mobile phone but has plenty of musically enhanced features. It’s a device that bridges musical creativity and communication.

First lets talk about the physical features: KRE8 splits into two and uses sensors and accelerometers to figure out the gestures you are making. Broadly there are three modes in the system: Instrument Mode (guitar, drums, violin), Mix Mode and Record Mode. So based on the gesture inputs, the system automatically slips into any one of the Instrument Modes and follows your jam. The output is recorded as MIDI Signal and can be shared with others via 3G, which can broadcast publicly or privately giving you the option to let people jam/mix along with you.

A glass touchscreen allows editing on the fly and more than makes up for the loss of knobs, toggles and sliders used for such kind of work.

What all can this device do?
The music that you create (KRE8…got the connection?) on the device can be transmitted via wireless networks and can be broadcasted to allow any other KRE8 user to listen to the composition or add to it.

The completed mixes can be stored on the wireless network and tagged with GPS coordinates. This way when another KRE8 user comes in proximity to where the original user had tagged their mixes/jams, they’ll get a notification that a creative piece was left there, and can listen, or add to it.

I listen to music but don’t make any, so I don’t know how helpful such a device will be for those who create it. However, for what its worth I think this idea is swell and will be excellent for those who make music on the go!

Designer: Jose Tomas DeLuna

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