BondArtStudio’s pencil-holder turns your color-pencils into an organized rainbow of hues

[The designers of this product are of Ukrainian origin. YD is sharing work from Ukrainian designers/students in the hopes of amplifying their talent and giving them a global platform.]

With its arc-shaped design, the BondArtStudio’s color-pencil holder puts the literal ‘bow’ in rainbow!

Crafted out of beech wood, the holder comes in a variety of sizes, storing anywhere between 24 to 72 pencils. A small area in the middle acts as a container for other stationery like brushes, erasers, sharpeners, etc. while the most attractive element of the holder remains its ‘perforated arc’ that lets you spread out your color pencils in an eye-catching spectrum of hues.

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Designer: BondArtStudio

By vertically holding all your color pencils in a single file, the holder occupies lesser space while allowing you to individually access each color without digging around in your color pencil drawer or pencil-stand. The horizontal holder sits easily on any desk, with a base-heavy design that prevents it from tipping over, and a vertical mounting system that prevents the color pencils from rolling around on your table.

Each holder is hand-made out of beechwood and finished with a coat of thung oil at BondArtStudio’s workshop in Kolomyya, Ukraine. Given current global affairs, BondArtStudio was forced to temporarily shut its studio, although their work and craftsmanship speaks volumes and deserves amplification and support.