An immortal titanium pencil for your immortal ideas

It’s been around for almost half a millennium now, and the pencil is still going strong. Even today, the most commonly used ones come with a graphite nib encased in wood, with the exception of the mechanical pencil, a much more recent innovation that allows you to extrude a graphite lead by clicking a button… but no matter how far we progress as a species, the humble pencil is always our go-to for ideating, sketching, scribbling, doodling, and noting. The Magno Ti turns that humble 500-year-old product into something spectacular, that not only celebrates the ubiquity of the pencil, but gives it a makeover that transforms it into a stunning instrument that will live and enchant for another 500 years. With a titanium build, and an eye-catching magnetic deployment for the graphite nib, the Magno Ti is simple, sophisticated, and sublime.

The Magno Ti (named for its magnetic action and titanium build) comes with a cylindrical design, punctuated by a metallic ring/belt that slides up and down its smooth body. Within the metallic ring lies a magnet that helps push the lead out from within the titanium cylinder. Using the invisible magic of magnetism, the ring slides up and down on the outside, while the graphite lead magically moves outwards and inwards from within the cylinder without any contact. Once you’ve extruded the nib to its desired length, twisting the head of the pencil locks the nib in place, so you can sketch without it retracting inwards. The Magno Ti even comes with a sharpener stored at the back end of the pen, allowing you to keep your nib sharpened at all times.

The Magno Ti builds on the success of the Magno, and revisits the avant-garde design with a titanium build, not just to commemorate the success of the Magno, but to also make their pencil indestructible and last centuries, much like how the original pencil itself has resiliently stood the test of time, and like how the ideas one puts down on paper with these pencils often remain immortal too!

Designers: Ashley Hribar-Green & Matthew Aston Cain

Click Here to Buy Now: $35





Click Here to Buy Now: $35