These lamps made from 60s battery chargers give your room an atompunk vibe

In case you’ve been fed up with all the minimalist products you see in stores, these limited edition custom-made lamps could help give your room a more retro sci-fi feel.

There is no shortage of lighting solutions and concepts to feast our eyes on these days, but more often than not, they lean towards the most popular design language in the past decade or two. On the one hand, minimalist designs are easier to fit into almost any room or furniture motif compared to products that embrace a very specific aesthetic. On the other hand, some people feel the need to have lamps that have a bit more personality. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of designs that cater to almost every fandom in existence.

Designer: Martin Metal Art

Take these table lamps that require you to have rather large tables to accommodate them. Or at least a surface dedicated exclusively for these hulking light sources. You will also need a bit of vertical space, as many of these custom-made lamps are designed to be tall. They actually come in many shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is that they look like something straight out of an atompunk or dieselpunk world.

In contrast to the more popular cyberpunk and steampunk genres, atompunk and dieselpunk sit somewhere in between these two extremes, set in an alternative timeline where technology has advanced far enough to support electric-powered machines, whether from fuel or nuclear energy. Unlike cyberpunk, machines are often portrayed as still crude and relatively primitive. In contrast to steampunk, however, surfaces are often more polished and less gritty.

These limited edition lamps effectively convey the appearance of appliances that seemed to be stuck in time between the past and the future. Perforated metal surfaces, decorative coils, and glowing tubes all work to furnish a retro-futuristic appearance that definitely exudes a unique personality. More than just light sources, these atompunk lamps call attention to themselves, becoming the visual center of the room and a definite conversation starter.

The bases for these lamps are actually made from 1960s battery chargers, embellished with custom-made stainless steel sheets, aluminum bars, and, unfortunately, some plastic. That base structure also means that supplies are limited to how many 60s battery chargers the designers can get their hands on at a time. These factors do make the lamps more expensive than most designer products, but these one-of-a-kind items are exactly the kind that collectors and zealous fans fight tooth and nail over.