Wood-fired portable outdoor oven with a rotating base + stove is every pizza lover’s dream!


Woodfire pizza’s not just for the pizzaiolo (that’s pizza maker in Italian) anymore and it’s a good thing because the frozen pizza I’ve been eating in quarantine just doesn’t quite hit the spot like Nonno’s homemade pizza. We’ve got QubeStove to thank for both designing and producing their latest portable, 2-in-1 rotating pizza oven, and stove. There’s a lot to cover, so be sure to save some room for s’mores.

QubeStove’s new rotating pizza oven dons a heavy gauge stainless steel coat that shines with all the possibilities of different pizza pies. The heavy gauge stainless steel looks clean and packs a punch, but it also establishes the oven’s long-lasting durability and ability to retain a lot of heat (that’s upwards of 1,000℉). A high-temperature, ceramic glass door both allows users to check on their food without opening the oven and covers the woodfire, inner mechanics. Once the oven’s hot enough and after you’ve decided on your pizza toppings, garlic marinara, cheddar cheese, seared pineapple (maybe), some fresh basil, you can slide it right onto the oven’s rotating pizza stone and watch the magic happen. In just under ten minutes, QubeStove can reach temperatures upwards of 1,060℉, which users can conveniently check on the oven’s built-in thermometer, and then it’ll be just 90 seconds until pizza night. Fortunately, making crispy, well-cooked pizza will be just as easy as clean up.

One of QubeStove’s core elements is its portability and simple deconstruction. By folding the oven’s legs, QubeStove downsizes into a portable, handheld stove that you can carry with you anywhere. Of course, this simplifies storing QubeStove for the nights spent indoors and also packing it up for camping trips or pool parties. Once everyone’s almost-13” pizza pies are fully cooked and ready to eat, QubeStove makes it easy to transform the oven into a stove so that you can bring it over to the fire pit to enjoy your pizza creations fireside. QubeStove operates through the burning of wood pellets. Inside QubeStove’s chimney, you’ll find the fire-making mechanism that makes it all work. Once the oven is ignited, wood pellets catch fire on top of an iron grate that’s just above a pocket of airflow, which provides just enough oxygen to maintain the fire’s intensity and an ashtray that collects the fire’s debris all while your pizza rotates and burns evenly.

In addition to the 2-in-1 feature of QubeStove, it’s multi-functionality doesn’t stop there. The creators behind QubeStove recognized the versatility in how many dishes can be made using either the oven or the stove. The truth is, it’s up to the user to decide. Whether you’re in the mood for stir-fry, chili, an omelet, or just some good-old pizza, with QubeStove, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination, so keep the s’mores coming.

Designer: QStoves

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $400 (38% off). Raised over $118,973. Only 9 left of 280. Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $400 (38% off). Raised over $118,973. Only 9 left of 280. Hurry, less than 24 hours left!