The alluring NUO portable oven makes ultimate wood-fired pizzas simply not possible with your oven

No matter where you are in the world, arguably, pizza would be the best food to enjoy with friends and family! And when it comes to having a pizza, there’s no better way to prepare it with your hands, in your own oven on the countertop of your kitchen. To let you discover restaurant-quality wood-fired pizza right at home or in the garden; Noox Design offers NUO portable pizza oven that’ll transform the way you have been baking pizzas at home.

An essential appliance for a compact kitchen, NUO is designed for the world beyond large, electric ovens. This one is actually a hybrid oven that lets the baker choose between gas or wood flame. The oven works conveniently without electricity and sits comfortably on a flat surface courtesy of its metal legs. On a simple push of the knob – placed on the side of the oven – the NUO can ignite automatically and then allows one to toggle between the choice of flame and its intensity. With a chimney on top that permits exhaust control, the oven can reach temperatures of up to 500-degree Celsius within and the thermal insulation ensures the pizza cooks evenly, without heating the body of the oven from the outside.

Designer: Noox Design and Mauricio Freitas

A nice combo of impeccable design and function, NUO is made from quality materials in an extremely compact size. It weighs slightly heavy owing to its thick walls and stone floor but is still convenient to carry to the garden or the outdoor location you’re traveling to. With that sort of convenience, its difficult to imagine a multipurpose – indoor/outdoor – pizza oven like the NUO. It multiplies the entire fun of preparing a pizza! Taking of multipurpose opportunity further, NUO portable oven can be used for tasks beyond baking pizzas. It can let aficionados prepare pastas, meat, fish, veggies and more with the flavor of firewood, if that’s your taste!