A stove-friendly oven that lets you bake at home and outdoors easily with its portable design

Who said bakers had to stay aloof of their skill while camping? This portable oven capable of letting you bake over a stove flame is that ultimate accessory you were waiting to pack in the boot of your car when heading out to the wilderness.

Called the Ember, this conceptual portable oven features a monolithic design and has a sleek and clever build to ensure it can be used on a stove’s flame – without electricity – to create that ideal condition for baking. You can use this space-saving oven on the kitchen counter, or as I said, pack it along on your way out for camping. But as the designer puts it, the oven is more specifically a solution designed to facilitate baking in small kitchens.

Designer: Adrian Perez

Given its process of baking, Ember is able to bake healthier food in small domestic spaces faster as compared to conventional ways. The unit is more convenient to use as well – simply place it on the stove flame, fill Ember with its container for baking cupcakes, and close the glass lid. The heat channels through the corners up to the top of the oven from where it then bounces back from the lid to bake the cupcakes nicely from the top. Meanwhile, the heat is also allowed to enter the Ember from the center, which bakes the cakes evenly from the bottom.

In order to expand the possibilities, Ember comes with multiple accessories for different types of preparation. Along with the cupcakes tray, you get a multi-purpose tray, a refractory container, and a shelf. With handles on the side to move the unit on and off the flame, Ember has a thermometer display on one side, which is linked to a dedicated mobile app. The app allows you to keep tabs on your preparation and also scroll through a range of recipes you can prepare in the portable oven. For more stylish homes, Ember can be available in cherry tomato, strawberry quartz, and Salmon colors as well.