This outdoor 4-in-1 grill barbeques + makes pizzas in the summer, and keeps you warm in the winter!

Temperatures are rising up, and it really does feel like summer’s around the corner! With summer in the air, there’s also a lot of excitement brewing up. Because summer means barbeque season! And, with COVID-19 basically shutting us in our homes, an intimate barbeque session with our close friends and family, in our backyard seems like the best idea ever. But the number one criteria for hosting a successful barbeque party is to have a foolproof barbecue grill! In 2019, the Noori’s V01 grill basically won all our hearts. It became the go-to grill option for barbeque lovers! And this year, Noori is back with their latest V02 AIRY model! Excited much? Me too.

Boasting an enameled steel construction, the Noori V02 AIRY is a multifunctional outdoor grill, pizza oven, rocket stove, and a fire pit – all in one! Not to mention, it’s probably one of the best-looking grills I’ve seen in a long time, it’ll be the perfect visual accessory to your backyard. The grill consists of six refractory concrete internal plates. These plates + an AIRY cylinder make up the grill’s innovative AIRY system (which also gives the product its name). This basically means that to set up an open fire, you simply need to remove a few refractory plates from within the AIRY cylinder, which instantly exposes the flames, creating the mesmerizing flame dance we all love to watch in an open fire! Much like its predecessor the Noori V02 AIRY also features a pizza disc, allowing you to not only bake up some pizzas but bread as well. The disc also supports roasters, and containers suitable for ovens. The upper half-moon grill and the lower orbital grill come together to support your cooking. However, the lower grill has a few additional uses – it centralizes the tube of the Rocket system in the refractory body, and also holds the coal you use for barbequing. A built-in thermometer displays temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, aiding you in cooking accurately. A removable lid with a reclaimed wood and steel handle comes in handy when you want to cover up the grill and cook up some pizzas and bake.

One of the most convenient features of the Noori V02 AIRY Grill is its portability! With four wheels built from carbon steel, side handles, and the fact that you only need one person to assemble it, this is the kind of grill you can carry with you on your outdoor adventures as well. This one-of-a-kind grill is ideal for any kind of barbeque session – whether it’s in your backyard or the great outdoors!

Designer: Noori

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