Walkolution treadmill desks revolutionize the way people work and workout at home

The new year is all about fresh start. If you’re like millions of people around the world that started the year with the goal of getting fit and healthy, you have probably done either of the two: start or stop already.

The first month of the year is usually when people are so hyped up with keeping their resolutions. By the second month, they stop or forget about their goals. You see, being fit is an integral part of a person’s life. Well, it should be but you can agree with me it can be a challenge especially these days when people are encouraged to stay home and there’s not enough space to move.

Designer: Walkolution

Walking is perhaps the easiest and most economical thing to do. You can start with it but what happens when working from home and staying at home are becoming the norm. One can’t just go around the neighborhood, at least, in some parts of the world due to fear of Covid.

A treadmill is an answer. There are plenty of portable and smaller models available in the market that you don’t have any reason not to buy. But for those multitaskers, you can consider this desk treadmill from Walkolution.

Walkolution Treadmill Walk and Work

The German company actually offers several different models of the walking treadmill that differ in size and design. They are similar in many ways as they allow you to start with your own movement revolution. All variants offer the same elements: treadmill and a desk for work.


The most affordable model, the MT300 NEW WORK, is very compact and is a silent treadmill. It doesn’t have a desk but you can place it anywhere a standing desk. You can choose to get a handrail and standing aid.

Walkolution MT300 NEW WORK

The other two models, the MTD700R WANDERLUST and the MTD800R ÄRA, are also compact and come with a silent treadmill workspace with an integrated desk and a free-standing premium lift desk, respectively. Both offer ergonomic standing aid and hand-rail. The standing desk on each model is adjustable.

Walkolution MTD900R KYBUN ÄRA

Walkolution Treadmill

Many people say this is perfect for the home office but it’s also ideal for real corporate offices, fitness studios, home gym, and even in spas and other rehabilitation or medical centers. For extra comfort, you can change the treadmill covering. You can choose between the stable birch wood or the elastic wooden slats. To make the Walkolution a very worth solution, its design is modular which means you can modify or retrofit other versions.

Walkolution products are sold by a Germany-based company. Founded by Dr. Eric Söhngen and Frank Ackermann in 2017, the Walkolution brand quickly became a success. The treadmills made by the company are now sold in more than 40 countries and are used by private consumers and corporate customers.


Each treadmill uses proprietary technology. It’s eco-friendly as every treadmill doesn’t need electricity to work. If you want to move, you will really need to get moving and walking.

Walkolution has built an eco-certified high-tech production site where all treadmill products and engineered and manufactured. Each product is crafted following high standards for top-notch German quality and excellent customer service.

A walking treadmill offers a lot of benefits. Many people know that sitting on a chair while being in front of the computer for hours is not that healthy. It can be now with Walkolution. You have no reason not to walk because the treadmill is there. You can place your laptop on the desk to work and walk away from that extra weight.

No electricity is required. It only needs your weight and pace for it to work and change the intensity level. It’s noise-free too because there is no motor that runs inside.

Walkolution Treadmill Design

The treadmill comes with a design that allows a leaning back position. This results to more comfortable walking. Working and staying healthy at the same time is possible. You just need to be determined to really do this thing. You ready now?