This easily concealable home office addresses productivity woes in style by transforming into furniture by night!

The pandemic has taught us a lot about the new ways to do productive work. But trust me, getting your head straight for a focused work session in a chaotic environment is not that easy. Especially when the lines between your workspace and entertainment den are very blurry. As remote work and virtual leadership expert Ulla Vikman of Timanttia Consulting rightly said, “Someone who does a great deal of remote work would be distracted if the necessary tools, such as displays and paperwork, are constantly on all over their home. By intruding your thoughts constantly, these things tend to increase stress levels, and focusing becomes more difficult.”

Finland has been long a proponent of flexible working conditions for quite some time now, and proof enough is their topping the charts at the UN’s annual World Happiness Report. With time the country has evolved its remote work methodology in the form of smart interior design. This ingenious home office christened “sshhh 3” by Evävaara Design is the perfect example. The Finnish functional furniture expert has launched their mobile workstation design that keeps ergonomics and acoustic isolation at the forefront. It’s like your portable work-from-home setup that can move to any area of the home in an instant. When you want to wrap up for the day, close up the business, and it sits like a minimalistic cabinet without any visual asymmetries.

According to Evävaara, “In today’s world, we are constantly surrounded by irritants and noise that can make it hard to focus on something. Our products aim to create a quiet, personal space that allows you to focus.” That’s true, as sshhh 3 comes with its own set of optional accessories to create a comfortable working environment – all that’s needed is – to plug it into a socket for power. You can mount a 27-inch monitor on the back wall of the cabinet for a multi-monitor setup, and side doors double as shelves to hold everything from books, magazines to pinning your essential tasks. When your work setup is set to your liking, the four wheels lock in place, and the acoustic paneling on the felt and wood frame provides the ideal sound isolation by suppressing external and internal noise. While we can’t wrap up for the day and leave from office, at least you can close the door on this one!

Designer: Evävaara Design

Evävaara Design also offers a more compact version called sshhh 7 that has a lockable swivel table. This version is more suited for apartments and small spaces where isolation is needed without too much clutter.