A customizable refrigerator with take away mini fridge is the ultimate solution to keep beer chilled on the go

The future of refrigerators is bespoke and portable. Staying in line with the two trends, ARTE Mini Refrigerator is a wholesome package every modern home would crave.

Bespoke refrigerators, such as Samsung has been working on, ensure that your appliance can match with the color of your kitchen interior so that the fridge is not that ugly duck in the space you have developed with choice. The ARTE is part of this space and arrives with a beautifully customizable exterior in a two-door design. The one half of the refrigerator has a top to bottom door with a clock in the center, while on the other half there are two sections with a lower portion comprising a mini-fridge slot. In a freezer-esque section below, the mini-fridge is the second part of the ARTE – perhaps the main part, if you like – that differentiates it from other options on the market.

Designer: Kyeongsu Kim

The ARTE Mini Refrigerator is cut out for the pandemic ear. As a customizable and full-fledged fridge at home, it can take care of all the needs as we spend more time – than ever before – within the walls of our abodes. With the portable mini fridge addition, which can be pulled out, and tagged along like a trolley, it opens up to a range of use cases. It can be carried to the great outdoors in the car, tagged along to the backyard (instead of a beer cooler) for a barbeque party, or maybe to the living room by the couch when you’re binge-watching or gaming with family and friends.

Without compromising its original function as a refrigerator, the ARTE can be used both internally and carried outdoors. The idea behind its design is a future where home appliances combine small parts that can be separated from their source and yet have various usability. ARTE Mini Refrigerator is a step ahead in that direction where the main section of the fridge remains operational on electricity at home, the portable section can be easily transported and moved using a carrier and run efferently on a rechargeable battery. The mini-fridge comes with a table attachment that can be fastened to the top of the ARTE to place your bottle or serve the food stored in it.