This smart mini fridge’s portable, wall-mountable design can be carried around like a suitcase!

Samsung is engineering bespoke designs to allow homeowners to customize their refrigerators according to their interiors. But this wall-mounted smart mini fridge that clips out to be carried around is more utility for nuclear families today!

There’s no dearth of smart fridges on the market. Every other manufacturer is adding mobile controls and sensors to place their refrigerators in the smart category. Then these units are topped with energy-efficient tech to make them consume less power, and that’s about it. There is little thought gone into changing the appearance of the fridges we use; despite their size and capacity, they are still boxy and take up a lot of floor space.

In my opinion, a genuinely smart refrigerator is one that adds value and presents more use cases than a regular option easily available. This is where the G-cube smart mini-fridge marches in with its impressive portability add-on. The conveniently sized mini-fridge is first up designed to help users manage food more conveniently. It can be wall-mounted in the kitchen to save you precious space in the apartment. Moreover, the G-cube can be clipped out of the wall mount to be stashed into the boot of the car – or added to your RV’s kitchen – when your adventurous life takes you far and away from home.

In addition to managing the food and keeping your drinks cool when you’re traveling, the G-cube saves you the liability of carrying a speaker along. Yeah, that’s right! The G-cube when connected to a mobile device over Bluetooth can be used as a portable speaker. Fancy as it may sound – do not mistake that for the audio – this little appliance is surely going to make heads turn whether at home or on your next camping trip with friends.

The stylish and attractive G-cube mini-fridge on the inside is divided into compartments to store foodstuff according to the convenience of consumption. For instance, foods that need to be consumed in a short duration are kept separately from items with longer shelf life. Bottled drinks on the other hand have their own compartment. On the outside, this portable fridge door is covered in fabric and features onboard controls for adjusting the speaker volume. The front of the G-cube also has a small display to flash lyrics as the music plays. Designed in two colors: Pearl white and Blue, this smart mini-fridge is a sublime piece of art and worth featuring on every home’s wall.

Designer: Gangyi Lin