This foldable wheelchair comes with a height-adjustable function, helping users be more independent

Imagine spending an entire day sitting in a chair – like the Chair Sitting Marathon from Brooklyn Nine-Nine – no getting up or relief from being in one position is easier than it sounds. This feeling is something anyone who uses a wheelchair can attest to; while the freedom is fantastic, the design is old and needs a fresh breath of air. This prompted budding designers Sarath Malyala, Raajnandini Jadhav, and Risha Garg to design a powered wheelchair for utmost comfort and ease of use in varied situations. The resulting blueprint is a balanced combination of postural support, propulsion, portability, stability, and flexibility of use while outdoors. Wheelchair users often face frustrating limitations due to the existing wheelchair designs and the risk of injury. The dependence on others in getting on/off the wheelchair, pressure soars, bumpy roads, or reaching the higher place is another difficulty they have to deal with daily for daily tasks resulting in emotional stress.

These problems propelled the young designers to create a portable wheelchair that is high on comfort and ultra-flexible. Dubbed Phlegon, the power wheelchair is tailored for outdoor use on not-so-smooth surfaces and ideal for nighttime operation thanks to the headlamps and reflectors. The impeccable design offers a reclining position to allow the seat and the backrest to adjust independently or in tandem – something the user needs for his/her medical complications. This tilting motion prevents the development of sores when using the wheelchair for an extended time. There’s also a height adjustment function to allow the user to reach out for things independently. The height adjustment along with the leg support lets you stand up with ease, returning independence to the disabled. When not in use, the wheelchair folds horizontally, which means it can be transported easily in the boot of a vehicle.

Keeping in mind the scenarios where the user doesn’t have complete control over the lower limb, there are cushioned straps to keep the feet in place. The freedom of movement in the Phlegon power wheelchair is its biggest USP. There are two batteries, one in use while the charging, ensuring there is enough juice for the whole day. And to retain independence, the wheelchair comes with headlamps to help maneuver dark streets. This truly mindful creation deserves to see the light of the day to allow the luxury of movement to be available for every human on the planet.

Designers: Sarath Malyala, Raajnandini Jadhav, and Risha Garg