Portable coffee brewer features an angled silhouette to deliver a pour over that rivals your Starbucks barista!

Oblic Dropper is an immersion coffee brewer that’s designed with an angled silhouette and silicone covering for accurate pouring and coffee on the go.

If we can agree on one thing, it’s that there can never be enough coffee designs. From portable grinders to instant brewers, and from robotic coffee makers to smart espresso machines, designers are endlessly inspired by the thrill of a morning brew. Reinterpreting the classic coffee dripper through a portable, compact lens, industrial designer JenFu Yang conceptualized the Oblic Dropper, a handheld pour-over device ideal for bringing coffee with you on the go.

Following a similar build to conventional immersion coffee drippers, the Oblic Dropper allows users to brew pour-over sin record time across multiple coffee mugs. Equipped with an integrated stopper, transferring Oblic Dropper from one cup to the next can be a clean, seamless transition without any spillage.

Constructed from glass, Oblic Dropper comes with an angled silhouette that brings a modern touch to the traditional design. The angled silhouette of Oblic Dropper allows users to tilt the glass cup to make sure hot water can be poured all around the edges, making for the perfect pour-over.

Supporting the glass cup with silicone covering, the Oblic Dropper has a no-slip grip that keeps it in place on countertops and coffee mugs. The brewing mechanisms of Oblic Dropper screw into the silicone base covering and come with an internal infuser.

The internal infuser features tiny enough steep holes to catch any stray grinds so that each cup of coffee is as smooth and silky as the cup your go-to barista makes for you. Conceptualized in an array of different colors, users can pick their favorite to suit their taste and additional coffee accessories.

Designer: JenFu Yang

The coffee brewer’s tilted silhouette ensures that water can be poured from all angles. 

The internal infuser ensures no stray grinds end up in your cup!

The silicone base screws into the glass cup of Oblic Dropper to lock securely into place.