Like posting photos of your coffee on Instagram? This beautifully rustic ceramic + wooden cup is perfect for the gram

Picture yourself at the foothills of the Himalayas, a bonfire in front of you, a sunrise ahead of you, a herd of yaks in the distance. You’re sitting with your Sherpa, sipping a perfectly brewed batch of coffee from your Mountain and Sea Coffee Mug.

If brewing coffee is an art, it only makes sense that the cup you drink it from does the brew justice too. Designed with an incredibly rustic sculptural appeal, Coffeify’s Mountain And Sea mugs come with a ceramic body and a wooden handle that exudes an earthy warmth. The ceramic mug is finished with a stone-like texture, and comes with relief-work of mountains and oceans on its base, while the cup itself sports a beautiful black to turquoise gradient glaze… with that wooden handle giving the design a wonderful finishing touch.

The mugs are available as a 3-piece set, featuring the mug itself, a lid to keep your beverage warm for as long as possible, and a removable container with a mesh base for being able to brew your coffee or tea. The ceramic mugs offer a heat resistance of up to 302°F (150°C) and are food-safe and microwave-safe (without the mesh).

All of Coffeify’s ceramic mugs are hand-made on a potter’s wheel, before being hand-finished with the stone-like texture. Finally, the cups are finished with a highly saturated glaze that doesn’t lose color or fade over time, before the wooden handle gets glued in place. The mugs are travel-friendly (just make sure you pack them safely), although Coffeify’s website mentions that they aren’t safe for the dishwasher, so they need to be washed/rinsed by hand. The mugs hold up to 450ml of liquid (that’s slightly less than a Starbucks grande) and are available for a discounted $49 on Coffeify’s website.

Designer: Coffeify