A Siri-enabled power strip to control and save the energy flow at home!

Power strips are usually something we hide for two reasons – they don’t look good enough and are often a tangled mess of wires. In this day and age where all simple appliances we use are turning ‘smart’, the household essential powerstrip can’t be left behind. We have FINALLY found a strip that fits your aesthetic and lets you control it via an app, so your home is another device closer to being 100% smart!

The Eve Energy Strip has three outlets that you can control individually with the app or Siri. It allows you to turn each outlet on and off based on your needs and protects your expensive tech from surge shocks. You can even schedule it to turn on and charge if you are not home and don’t want to damage your battery by leaving the devices plugged in unnecessarily for hours. The smart power strip also tracks your energy consumption and helps you understand that data in a way that you can use it to prolong the life of your appliances. Like does your TV use more energy than it should? Then maybe it is time for a change. Believe it or not, 10% of the household energy consumption is due to devices plugged in on a standby mode – with Eve Energy strip you can save on your electric bill and live a little more sustainably.

With surge protection, overcurrent protection, and overvoltage protection your gadgets at home will be shielded from almost any grid-based fault like energy spikes, short circuits, and excessive currents. You can automate smart devices connected to it via your presence like set the lights to turn on when you enter and turn off when you leave. The lengthy  190 cm/6.3 ft cable makes it easy to set it up anywhere in your space. An important feature is the child lock control included in the Eve Energy strip, so you are stress-free when toddlers are around without losing data mid-download or have your artsy floor lamp spark up. We often underestimate our control over power strips and with Eve’s energy strip, one quick touch or shoutout to Siri can ease the ‘load’ in our lives at home.

Designer: Eve

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