The cup that turns water magically into juice!

Have you ever tried that trick where you shut your eyes and nose and you eat a spoonful of food and you legit can’t figure out what it is? Your taste buds don’t detect much if you leave out the component of sight and smell. Try it and get back to us with your results! The Right Cup uses this very hack, but on the inverse, tricking its users into thinking they’re drinking sweet fruit juice, when in reality, it’s just good old water!

Designed to bring an element of fun and excitement into water consumption, the Right Cup aims at keeping people hydrated, and also away from those artificially sweetened beverages that are full of preservatives and chemicals. The Right Cup uses a patented technique of incorporating the taste and smell of fruits into plastic, so when the tongue gets the scent, and a hint of the taste, it thinks it’s consuming juice and not water. To add to the illusion, the cup has a double layered design with a transparent frosted outer wall and a colored inner wall, so it literally looks like juice in a cup! Triple whammy!

The Right Cup uses FDA approved aromatic food-grade flavors into the plastic itself (much like how you have flavored braces). Available in a wide variety of flavors (you can choose your favorite!), the cups even go on to help diabetic people stay off sweetened beverages by making them consume water while tricking their brain into thinking it’s getting a dose of sugar! The aroma and flavor additives in the plastic are said to last a little less than a year, while The Right Cup recommends hand-washing the cup and storing it upside down when not in use to have it last longer.

P.S. There’s a grape juice variant too, which may literally be the closest thing to turning water into wine!

Designers: Isaac Lavi, Ori Mendelevich & Erez Rubinstein