The Bathing Sphere

While the lines between the bathing space and the bedroom are getting blurry by the day, its great to see how designers are modifying their approach towards the task of daily ablutions. We have here the Bathsphere, which is a glass-bubble kinda suspended sphere. It allows you to create your own mood and unwinding space. You can simulate rain; change the temperature inside the ball, humidity, light, sounds and even smells. Pretty awesome!

Designer: Alexander Zhukovsky


  • Quintin Smits says:

    That is so very cool!

    This needs to actually be built somewhere!

  • Al says:

    aws, as car designer I entered only for this, just one thought, make it in everything ‘cept glass, even in panels but I fear glass(weight)

  • Zeo says:

    feeling sexy with the design

  • stephen russell says:

    Ideal for hotel suites, resorts, units facing seaside, on the beach & homes
    Need to accommodate 2,4 persons per sphere optional & optional glazed glass for Privacy.
    Replace std showerstall big time
    can use standing or sitting.
    Test in hotels in Hawaii, FL, Caribbean, Mexico, Australia alone.
    Make sure quake proof & water drainage updated too.
    Or use to store water for emergency uses.

  • mif991 says:

    Must withstand 1000 lbs of weight and be self-cleaning, and its a winner.

  • Mike says:

    Hmmm, people always called me the bubble boy, so if I take a bath in this I would be even more of a bubble boy. I like that, but I can’t afford one yet.

  • Thanks for comments! Of course it’s just a concept as yet… but I think in the near future I’ll try to bring it to life. By the way you can write your critics and comments on my facebook (Alexander Zhukovsky DS)

  • bbbbb says:

    Must withstand 1000 lbs of weight and be self-cleaning, and its a winner.

  • nate says:

    I’m imagining some good fun getting in and out of it. you realize how slippery floors can get when the feet are wet?

  • gebril says:

    Can you actually get in it?

  • Betty says:

    How much is it?

  • Salad says:

    Try to bath your toddlers in this.

  • Mdawg says:

    Great concept/idea. Have a few questions. How slippery would the floor be in it, seems like some texture should be added to make it non-slip? Also, it seems like this cool device would place someone at an increased risk of drowning (compared to a bathtub), because of only on exit/entry point. Have you thought of safety features to reduce that risk (i.e. a plug to pull)?

  • Where’s the toilet at? They should call it the poop sphere!

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  • Lovely idea. Looking very Modern. Looks very nice

  • Boha Glass says:

    This is stunning. I guess bathing in this is a little bit like going back into the womb! Good for sharing as you could all sit round the edges.

  • BIG BABE says:

    How much is it?????

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