This sleek hyper boat with a gorgeous translucent hull is styled to deliver speed in its tiny package!

A speed boat made for the influential lot, who crave the adventure of riding calm waters with style and panache.

Exquisite yacht and boat designs are nothing alien to Lazzarini Design Studio, and the anticipation for what’s new coming from their kingdom is always on my radar. Such is the creative IQ of the Italian design studio headed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini. The sublime design of The Shape, the cuteness of the swan-shaped Avanguardia, or the distinctiveness of the crab-inspired Pagurus – Lazzarini Design is millimeters perfect with their skill.

Their latest creation, christened Embryon is a super cool cruise boat designed for the adventure of riding the open waters. A machine made for thrill-seekers who want to feel the air in their hair, and head towards the horizon, with no bounds. This 24 meters hyper boat is dripped in luxury on the inside as well as the outside. The high pointed nose on the front is tailored for cutting through the waves, as the Embryon glides at top-notch speeds in the seas and oceans. The translucent honeycomb design on the hull reflects the landscape around, signifying a hypnotic symphony of speed and the tranquil blue waters.

The sun deck section is where all the adrenaline-inducing action happens as the crew takes the opulent owners and their friends for the ride of their life. This area has an L-shaped lounger on either side, and further down there is a luxe sunbed. When the sun sets down and the chill in the air calls for the much-needed rest, the plush bedroom and the owner’s cabin are the ideal sanctuary for a restful time. The crew cabin gets its own small cabin for dozing off. The hyper boat can accommodate 6 people in total with additional two members of the crew, which is quite commendable.

Lazzarini Design truly impresses with this sleek boat design that looks good in the blueprint, and also when it finally hits the waters. Zooming away into the distance on this hyper boat with the golden sunset spilling over the seas is what I’m imagining right now with the Embryon. What’s your fantasy?

Designer: Lazzarini Design