This tiny pentagonal cabin boasts of all the modern amenities needed to stay cozy through the holidays!

Cabin A24 is a prefabricated tiny cabin measuring 21-square-meters that comes with all the necessary amenities to enjoy a quick respite amidst the forest’s trees and mountain valleys.

When we’re camping or traveling through forested mountains, there’s always that one cabin in the distance, perched above the valley, all by itself, in its own corner of the world. With tiny homes becoming more and more popular, that sight has become that much more familiar, but each cabin sports its own personality and unique appeal.

DDAA (Dev Desai Architects and Associates), an offshoot from a firm specializing in residential villas and interiors, designed its own line of unique cabins to capture our gaze. The RCA – 03, or Cabin A24 is a prefabricated tiny cabin that keeps a unique pentagonal shape and comes fully furnished with a bathroom, kitchenette, and living space.

Designing Cabin A24, the team behind DDAA hoped to achieve a distinct architectural identity without compromising the tiny home’s household efficiency, amenities, or spatial functionality. Cozy and petite by design, Cabin A24 forms two halves.

One half leaves enough room for a spacious living area, complete with a bedroom and lounge space. From there, the bathroom takes up about two-thirds of the cabin’s second half, which is shared with a small kitchenette, complete with a sink and small stovetop.

The cabin’s floor-to-ceiling glazed window peeks into the bedroom area, where a queen-sized bed and full wardrobe are kept. Splitting the intersection between the bedroom and the bathroom, a kitchenette foyer resides in its own corner that remains separate from the rest of the home.

Right next door to the kitchenette, residents can enjoy all the amenities of a typical bathroom, equipped with a washbasin vanity, toilet, and a shower enclosure. Just beyond the bathroom, DDAA outfitted the home with a service area that keeps, “the condenser unit and the geyser among other service equipment and conduits ensuring a self-sustained cabin unit.”

Lined with walnut wood flooring and clad with a matte finish, the interior of Cabin A24 provides a contemporary and elegant space that is just as cozy as a traditional log cabin in the woods. Envisioned in the woods, the mountains, or along the shore, DDAA outfitted Cabin A24 with a timeless personality that looks good anywhere.

Designer: DDAA (Dev Desai Architects and Associates)