Minimalistic style meets comfort in these pet-friendly furniture designs!

No matter how rough a day you’ve had, just returning back home to your beloved pet is sure to brighten up the remainder of your day! And what keeps your pet bright and happy? That’s right, a couple of comfy spaces curated especially for them to just chill out and have a ball. Product designer Onurhan Demir has created a collection of premium furniture items for your little furry babies, called Weelywally. Weelywally consists of a selection of minimal wooden pieces with a metal or fabric patterned detail for your pets, ranging from little houses to an elevated feeder! Though they all maintain different functionalities, they share a very simple yet modern appeal. With an almost Japanese style philosophy, these pieces will complement any home with their organic and wooden aesthetic. Created from natural wood, coated with pet-friendly varnish, and using 100% cotton the entire collection is completely safe for your furry buddies, and devoid of any sharp edges for them to hurt themselves with!

Designer: Onurhan Demir of Weelywally

One of my favorites is ‘Oslo’. A handy side table that can accommodate books, lamps, magazines, and all your tidbits, while functioning as a little resting space for your pet. The house-shaped opening provides a nifty entrance for your pet, allowing them to cuddle up in Oslo with a couple of fluffy pillows. A perfect snooze session is guaranteed!

Second in the collection is ‘Odense’, a mini sofa for your pet to sprawl in and have a power nap. Crafted from natural wood and stainless lightweight aluminum, the seating arrangement consists of ample space, so your pet can relax on the premium-quality cushions with a fiber ball filling, in comfort.

Up next is Toscana, a classically simple food feeder for your pet, suitable for dogs as well as cats. Available in a variety of sizes, it consists of a food and water bowl with an accompanying platform. The entire set up has been created from walnut wood, and feeds your pet in style!

And last but not least is their collection of mini houses which has my complete heart! The collection comprises of three cottage-like structures perfectly sized for your pets! Sydney, Volendam, and Wien host a slanted roof, with a triangular metallic structure, the mini houses resemble the home icon on our desktops! Combining cloth, metal, and wood, the mini houses are a fresh change from the boring old pet homes! Sydney boasts a complete aluminum body with a slanted wooden entrance, maintaining a stark and sleek aura. Using wooden rods and slatted structure, each of these pet homes can be easily dismantled for flat storage. The last mini house Wien features a completely natural wood structure with a cotton rooftop flourished with prints! With different print options in a variety of colors,  you can add a pop of fun to your pet’s trusted retreat.