This AI-powered dog bark collar safely trains your furry friend to bark only when necessary

Having pets is fun and rewarding, but as our parents warned us, it’s also a big responsibility. In addition to feeding them and cleaning after them, it’s also our job to make sure they behave properly, both in private and in public. The latter can be especially problematic when it comes to dogs with bad barking habits, making a lot of noise almost incessantly. There are many ways to teach a dog to keep quiet, but most of them end up being ineffective. Manual training is stressful for both dog and owner, while some tools or gadgets turn out to be harmful to the pet’s physical and mental well-being. With this innovative dog bark collar, however, your dog can gradually learn when to bark and when to keep quiet safely and humanely, all thanks to the power of AI.

Designers: 66 Studio, Zhe Sun & Bin Hu

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HushPuppy – The world’s first AI dog bark collar.

HushPuppy can help you train your dogs to learn to be quiet at the correct times and locations.

Dogs can be a person’s best friend, but just like humans, they can have different temperaments and behaviors. Unfortunately, some dogs develop what people call nuisance or excessive barking, which can sometimes be triggered by random everyday sounds or objects. Bark collars are growing in popularity as a way to train dogs not to bark at certain times, but they aren’t always effective and can even be excessive, defeating the purpose of training and causing the poor dog more stress and anxiety. By utilizing cutting-edge AI, the HushPuppy bark collar can be smart in detecting your dog’s barking and safely guide your faithful companion to better behavior.

AI soundprint detection accurately recognizes dog bark, leading to an interruption of barking behavior.

Through repeated interruption, the dog learns to quiet down so you can enjoy a peaceful life once more.

NFSF technology ensures that the collar won’t easily capture a dog’s bark more than 5 feet away.

Unlike most bark collars in the market, HushPuppy uses tiny AI models installed right onto the collar’s chip to detect sounds and differentiate a dog’s bark from other indoor and outdoor sounds such as alarms, car horns, doors, and even people laughing. This prevents a “false alarm” that would have otherwise triggered the collar’s conditioning effect incorrectly. HushPuppy boasts 99.1% accuracy and, thanks to Adaptive Sound Detection (ASD) and High Precision Computational Audio (HPCA) technology, it can even identify your dog’s bark in a noisy environment. Even better, a state-of-the-art Near-Field Sound Filter (NFSF) ignores barking that is more than 5 feet away, which means a nearby dog’s barking won’t incorrectly trigger the collar either.

Warning mode (white LED) and training mode (blue LED).

When HushPuppy does detect your dog barking, it will send a safe “reminder” to tell your dog not to bark, applying the principles of Pavlovian behavioral conditioning to discourage dogs from this kind of behavior. In training mode, this comes as a vibration and a beep. In warning mode, however, a mild static stimulus is also added to the response. This static stimulus is delivered by a single AAA battery at a fixed electricity level to ensure the safety of the dog while still delivering a memorable nudge to help develop good behavior. Over time, this repetition will help the dogs form a positive association so that they will quiet down when they hear or feel the stimulus.

In addition to a safe training method, HushPuppy is also designed to be completely safe and comfortable to wear. No metal parts are exposed and a conductive soft silicone gel is used instead, ensuring that the collar is soft on the skin and free of potential allergic reactions and unsafe edges. It’s so easy to use, there isn’t even a manual power button! The collar immediately springs into action once it detects a bark, and then goes into a low-energy standby mode when no more barks are heard. Thanks to this smart operation, it can last up to 300 days on standby or 21 days of regular daily use, all on a single AAA battery. With the AI-driven HushPuppy, your canine companion will be able to learn good barking habits in a smart and safe way, saving both you and your precious pet from embarrassment and stress.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $109 (45% off). Hurry, only 247/500 left!